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happy digestion, clear head, deep sleep, absence of pain, inspired heart, stability, freedom.



Increase resilience, patience and focus. Breath and meditation techniques can help to reduce stress.



Restorative, Power, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin…there are so many ways to practice and they are all beautiful. This mindful way of moving is popular for a reason.



A 5,000 year old Indian system. While new health information and science is constantly emerging, it’s never a bad idea to remember what we’ve already learned.



Sleep is one of our most basic needs, yet 1 in 3 Americans experience sleep deprivation. To live a healthy, balanced life it's necessary to consistently invest in establishing healthy sleep patterns.


Morning Routine

49% of people check their email immediately upon waking even though studies show this behavior results in an immediate stress response. Starting the day with a healthy morning routine improves mood, boosts energy, and increases productivity.


Seasonal Awareness

How many Americans think healthy eating is a salad every day? Our knowledge about nutrition is constantly growing and changing. What if the answers have been in nature all along? What if a salad doesn’t make sense on a dreary December day? What can we learn from nature?