Chilled and it's not chill

This rainy season is really getting the best of me and I can’t seem to keep my body warm enough! Any tips on how to stay warm during the winter months?

Love this question and yes! We have a few life-hacks when it comes to cold weather. The winter months are hard on our bodies and hard on our minds too. (Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing!) Animals gain weight for the Winter, some grow thicker coats, they burrow, their body temperature rises, they sleep and they slow down until it’s time for Spring again. All of these tactics are good for humans too! Yes - I really did say that it’s O-K to gain a couple lbs in the Winter. Dressing warm and raising our internal temperature may seem like no brainers but we can really take that to the next level with these 5 tips.

  • Don’t neglect the feet. Wear heavy wool socks inside and out. Slippers are a good idea when at home and cover those ankles before you leave the house! Save the flats for May.

  • Focus on the trunk. The fastest way to heat up the body is by activating the muscles of your abdominals, back and glutes. Think bridge pose with pulses or strong core work. When these large muscle groups are exercised blood flow increases to the heart and organs. The heat we create in the trunk will spread throughout the body quickly. Of course jumping jacks, push ups and squats don’t hurt either!

  • Warm foods and liquids. There is a reason all you want at the end of a wet day is an English stew and a Guinness. Heart soups and stews warm us from the inside and they are easy to digest. Think of your digestion (metabolism) as a little furnace inside your body. If it is struggling to burn up cold, raw foods, it won’t do much in the way of heating the body either. Warm, cooked foods are easier to digest. Tea and room temp water will help your cause too.

  • Cold rinse. WHAT?! That’s right, a cool/cold rinse at the end of your hot shower will actually help your body adjust to the temperature of the air. The end of the shower might be a bit painful but getting out of it will be a breeze. Cold water also helps our blood circulate!

  • Love your neck! Treat your sweet little neck to a scarf every time you leave the house! Another go-to trick is to fill a long tube sock with rice, tie a knot at the end and pop it in the microwave for 4 minutes. Drape the sock around your neck when you first get home to cozify yourself and relax tension in the shoulders!

We love hearing other ideas so please comment below if you have some more tips on how to get through the gray days! The planet is happy but these California bodies don’t know what’s hit them! Stay cozy friends :)